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Understanding The Care And Support Needs Of Older People

Care For Elderly

Care for elderly is not a trouble-free task. A host of emotions come with this responsibility, some positive and some negative.

As an adult child or a caretaker, dealing with the role reversal and being in charge of your parent’s or senior personnel’s well-being can be complicated.

The caretaking process, like going to doctor’s appointments, and being aware of dietary restrictions and health issues that come with aging, can also seem overwhelming to the caretaker.

Importance of Elderly Care

Caring for older people is seen as one of the essential things in a household. As a caretaker deciding how to provide care for older people is one of the most significant decisions a family or carer has to make.

Though some elderly persons don’t require any care to live independently, a general decline in the person’s health often leads to the requirement of elder care.

As soon as we notice any changes in the health condition of an older adult, we immediately discuss the matter with doctors, caregivers and other family members without delay.

Older people need a well-organised care plan or routine to ensure long-term safety. An array of services should be seen and used for them according to individual needs.

Tips on Care For the Elderly

As an older adult being in good health needs much more than what medicines and treatment alone have to offer. Below are some tips the elderly or their caretakers can take to make the most out of their day.

Regular Exercising

exercise regularly

It is usually seen that older people can remain protected from diseases if they exercise regularly, making them functionally younger by 10 to 15 years.

They should start with lighter and easier exercises, and later they can take up more depending on their ability. Doing this will ensure joint health and flexibility, eventually making them more active and happier.

Exercising for elders should majorly emphasise on:

Aerobic/ Endurance Exercises

30 minutes of aerobic/cardiorespiratory exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, and cycling, when done for several weeks, will increase performance and a more remarkable ability to perform daily tasks without getting tired.

Strength And Resistance Training

Strength training routines should be done 2-3 times per week, with exercises focused on all major muscle groups (arms, legs, core) in 1-2 sets of 10-15 repetitions at light to medium intensity.

Stretching And Flexibility Exercises

Stretching exercise
Stretching also improves flexibility, which reduces the chances of being injured, improves range of motion, and also reduces muscle soreness and stiffness.

Some benefits of exercising regularly for seniors :

  • Fitness improves senior health.
  • Exercise helps with managing body weight.
  • Working out increases bone health &strength.
  • Staying active promotes heart & cardiovascular health.
  • Training builds positive mental health.
  • Building strength prevents falling.
  • It helps with better sleep.
  • Improves social wellness.

Eating A Nutrient-dense Diet

Eat nutrient diet

A balanced, nutrient-rich diet is a meaningful way to boost the immune system. This includes eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, which contain nutrients and antioxidants to promote good health.

As a person ages, their immune system becomes sensitive to environmental changes. Therefore, a good diet will add to their daily life and help them maintain an active life.

Many different vitamins and minerals like B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Selenium & Zinc aid in maintaining the immune system. The best way to meet your needs is to eat various foods.

Aging adults often have many different prescriptions and multiple doctors to visit, and they may even need physical therapy or other types of treatments.

Keeping track of medications can be a hectic task; therefore, organising it will reduce the hassle that comes with it.

Organising their medical care is a great way to make sure nothing is left behind in the prep. As this is a vital step in caring for older people, ensure it is noticed.

Remove all the extra furniture in the home that might hinder your elders from moving freely; you can also have grab bars near the toilet and the shower.

Install night lights around the house strategically so elders can find their way easily when they go to the bathroom or fetch water at night. Alarms on the floor mat can be used for older adults with cognitive impairment, like Alzheimer’s or dementia.

These mats are placed outside the doors, providing an alert when they cross the limit. Motion sensors are also suitable for monitoring their movement from a distance or on unusual troublesome activity.

Having an older people-friendly house will give an advantage or help in caring for them.

socially connected

With age, elders tend to get isolated and lonely, while some may also suffer from mental health issues. Therefore ensuring that they get regular social interaction benefits their mind and mood.

Planning beneficial activities, making them join voluntary programs, joining common hobby courses or educating those who need it – their way of helping others.

Walking together, playing games or cards, shopping, or talking can help your elders feel better. At an older age, it’s the companionship they seek more than anything.

Ways in which Alpha Abilities can help in elderly care.

Besides everything, you can take care of the seniors by just being there for them. By arranging help, organising their day, and using various resources and benefits available, you can care for your elders and give them the quality of life they deserve.

Many programs are prescribed to increase the functional capacity of aged care residents to improve their quality of life.

At Alpha Abilities, we provide numerous programs for people in aged care facilities and the elderly at home. Our practitioners are friendly individuals who work with aged care residents, carers and other professionals to create programs to benefit each individual.

Visit us or book an appointment if you want to take or help take better care for the elderly.

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