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What is the Key to Increasing Physical Activity in Older Adults?

As we get older, we physically and mentally slow down. This slowdown causes our bodies to need more daily physical activity than ever. Physical activity and regular exercise are important factors in keeping older adults healthy, energetic and staying mobile. It’s vital that as people grow older, they do all that they can to exercise […]

What are the Effects of Physical Therapy for Kids?

Physical therapy can play an important role in the development of children, especially those with physical challenges. The effects of physical therapy for kids can be multifaceted, from prevention of deformities and other physical symptoms to improvement in fundamental development aspects where exercise can transition from health-oriented to a quality-enhancing exercise regimen. In this writing, […]

What Is The Function Of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is an age-old therapeutic method harnessing water’s properties to heal. It consists of using water in different forms — steam, liquid, ice — to alleviate symptoms, promote physical functioning and improve overall well-being. Hydrotherapy can have a multifaceted function helping a number of ways. For instance, water can be used to get heat and […]

Can a Speech Therapist Detect if a Child has Autism?

Speech therapist sits on chair with child, engaged in therapy session

Detecting Autism: The Crucial Role of Speech Therapists in Early Intervention Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects people differently, sometimes impacting areas such as communication, social interaction and behaviour. For this reason, early identification and intervention are essential for providing support to children with Autism. Speech therapists or speech-language pathologists help detect Autism in […]

How Important Is Mental Health In The Workplace

How Important is Mental Health in the Workplace? The mental health of employees plays a vital role in the overall well-being of its members and has long been seen as an important contributor to the effective functioning of an organisation. Under the pressure of agile work environments, high-intensity jobs, and global market competition, the mental […]

How Do I Know Whether My Child Needs A Speech Therapist

Recognising Signs Your Child Needs a Speech Therapist As a parent, you’re prompt to understand that your child needs the best chances to succeed, especially in development. That’s why many parents seek speech therapy for their children. Communication will always be fundamental to a person’s success from grade school to social life. However, some children […]

How Does An Occupational Therapist Treat Autistic Children

Comprehending Occupational Therapy for Children with Autism When you hear about the neurodevelopmental disorder autism spectrum disorder (ASD), otherwise referred to as autism, you know how tricky it can be to understand the condition. It is different for almost everyone and can have myriad effects. One undeniable thing is the difficulty that many autistic people […]

Get Our Expert Help With Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management

Exercise physiologists play a critical role in Chronic Disease Management by utilising their expertise in physical activity. One of the primary ways exercise physiologists assist in chronic disease management is by conducting thorough assessments to evaluate an individual’s physical capabilities, health status, and specific limitations related to their condition. These assessments help create personalised exercise […]

How Can Exercise Physiologists Assist Children With Developmental Delays?

Children With Developmental Delays

Exercise physiologists can play a valuable role in helping children with developmental delays by designing and implementing specialised exercise programs that address their unique needs. Exercise physiologists assess the child’s physical abilities, motor skills, and overall health. They consider the child’s specific developmental delays, such as motor skill deficiencies, balance issues, or muscle weakness. This […]

Understanding The Relation Between Diabetes And Exercise Physiology

 Diabetes And Exercise Physiology 

Exercise physiology is crucial in managing diabetes, specifically type 2 diabetes. In 2021, 1.3 million people in Australia are affected by diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder characterised by elevated blood glucose levels due to insufficient insulin production. Diabetes and Exercise Physiology are closely related. It can be a powerful tool in managing and […]