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4 Benefits Of Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic activities can be described by the degree to which the patient puts physical effort.

Therapeutic exercise works with patients in various ways to help relieve pain and restore functioning.

Injury, illness, and surgical recovery are just a few of the difficulties that might interfere with normal functioning and can be improved by physical therapy.

While everyone has unique needs, therapeutic exercise is one of the most commonly recommended methods when developing a treatment plan.

In this article, we discuss 3 types of therapeutic exercise and benefits of therapeutic exercise.

3 Types of therapeutic exercise

1. Strengthening Exercises

Many forms of exercise increase muscle strength. All involve using progressively increased resistance. When a muscle weakens, simply moving against gravity is enough.

As muscular strength grows, resistance is gradually raised by using stretchy bands or weights.

Muscle size and strength are improved as a result, and endurance improves.

2. Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility exercises

The ability to move a muscle in a variety of ways is referred to as mobility. When you have strong mobility, you can perform movements with a wide range of motion.

Flexibility is your ability to extend a muscle, so you aren’t stiff, tight, and in pain. Scar tissue, tight muscle fibres, and inflamed connective tissue inhibit flexibility.

If you are not flexible, it affects your mobility and limits your range of motion.

3. Balance And Coordination Exercises

These exercises can help people with coordination and balance problems, typically due to a stroke or brain injury. Coordination exercises are designed to assist people in doing specific tasks.

Picking up an object or touching a body component is one workout that involves repeating a meaningful movement that engages more than one joint and muscle.

Initially, balance exercises are performed using parallel bars with a therapist standing directly behind the participant. The person shifts weight between the right and left legs.

Once this exercise is done safely, then a person can do them without parallel bars.

Therapeutic Exercise Include

  • Aerobic and endurance conditioning.
  • Agility training.
  • Body mechanics training.
  • Breathing exercises.
  • Coordination exercises.
  • Movement pattern training.
  • Neuromotor development activity.
  • Neuromuscular education.
  • Perceptual training.

4 Benefits of therapeutic exercises

neck stretching with help therapist of

Therapeutic exercise suited to the patient’s unique needs is recommended.

While these treatments can reduce the pain the patient is feeling; the advantages extend well beyond this simple benefit.

In a best-case scenario, Alpha Abilities help eliminate this pain through therapeutic exercise.

2. Avoid Surgery

Surgery may not be necessary if therapeutic exercise helps eliminate pain or heal from an injury. And even if surgery is needed, you may still benefit from therapeutic exercise.

If you’re going into surgery in better shape, you will recover faster in many cases. Also, by avoiding surgery, health care costs are reduced.

3. Manage Diabetes

As part of a complete diabetes management regimen, exercise can help with blood sugar control. Furthermore, people with diabetes may have trouble with sensations in their feet and legs.

Physical therapists can assist and educate these patients on proper foot care to prevent additional problems down the road.

4. Movement And Mobility

old lady performing mobility exercise

Therapeutic exercise movement and mobility can not be ignored.

Patients that are struggling to move, walk or stretch normally can benefit from these exercises.

If the patient needs an assistive device, experienced physicians can match them with the perfect item for their needs. The care plan is customised to the individual in need.

Therapeutic exercise has different benefits, as discussed above; to get these benefits, a good therapist is a must. They will guide you in the whole process.

In Alpha Abilities, we have experience therapists who have worked in this field for many years and understand the importance of different exercises. If you have any questions, contact us on 0426 445 606 or know more about our services.

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