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what is exercise physiology

What Is Exercise Physiology

Did you know? What is exercise physiology? Exercise physiology is the scientific study of the physiological and metabolic responses to physical activity, exercise, and sport. It involves studying how the body responds to movement, including cardiovascular, respiratory, and musculoskeletal changes.

Exercise physiologists use their knowledge to design and implement exercise programs that are safe and effective for individuals of different ages.

Exercise physiology also encompasses the study of the acute and chronic effects of exercise on the body, including changes in muscle mass, strength, and endurance.

Suppose you’re living with a chronic condition, disease or disability or seeking to recover from pain or injury. In that case, an Alpha Abilities can help guide you through carefully considered moving to a better quality of life.

What is exercise physiology? What Does an Exercise Physiologist Do?

Exercise Physiologist Do

Exercise physiologists develop customised exercise programs to address identified issues and achieve specific outcomes. They may consult a physiotherapist to prescribe exercise-based interventions or therapies to improve health, well-being, strength and conditioning, and performance.

Exercise physiologists may use a range of methodologies to assess a person’s overall health, paying particular attention to cardiovascular function, for developing a targeted fitness plan. This individualised exercise regimen suits each client’s specific healthcare needs or athletic performance goals concerning flexibility, endurance, strength, and physical fitness.

Benefits of Exercise Physiology

Physiologist refer

There are many benefits of exercise physiology. Regular exercise, in general, has positive benefits for nearly all organs in the body.

Exercise can regulate blood sugar, improve circulation, boost your mood, enhance your memory and improve the health of your heart, lungs, joints, and bones.

Exercise physiology uses exercise as medicine. A recommended treatment for different types of cardiovascular, neurological, metabolic, and psychiatric diseases.


Exercise physiologists are university-accredited health professionals who have studied various sciences. They strictly follow research-based and scientifically backed guidelines and strategies when developing client exercise plans.


Physiologist Body Move

Exercise physiologists are up-to-date on advancements and developments within their field. They are required to take annual continuing education courses. Their goal is to pass their knowledge on to you to give the power to control exercise. An exercise physiologist will teach you how to move your body most effectively after completing sessions.

In particular, if living with a chronic illness, injury, or disability, the guidance of an appropriately trained professional knowledgeable about your specific condition is invaluable. Creating an exercise plan for yourself, rather than consulting an exercise physiologist, could lead to more significant injury.

If you’re living with a disability, the benefits of exercise physiotherapy are even more significant. Working with an Alpha Abilities can provide the following:
1.Pain Reduction
2.Increased mobility
3.Greater pain management
4.Improved balance
5.Increased strength and energy

When Should You Refer to an Exercise Physiologist?

Hydrotherapy exercises

If you have a chronic condition you’re already living with or are at risk of developing a chronic condition, the knowledge we provide can help you manage and prevent pain or discomfort. With an advanced understanding of your condition, Alpha Abilities can help you get active as safely as possible.

Here are the most common reasons you should refer to an exercise physiologist include:

1. You Have Chronic Pain

Chronic pain persists for over three months and can differ significantly from injury. We can give you pain management techniques and improved quality of life.

Physiologist Pregnant

Pregnancy and childbirth can lead to chronic pain or injury in women, and some exercises can increase pain or further exacerbate injuries, particularly in the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. We provide a safe exercise program to regain mobility and strengthen weakened muscles safely.

At Alpha Abilities, we are uniquely qualified to prescribe movement plans that will improve your mental health while being accessible enough to perform at any point on your journey to mental wellness.

At Alpha Abilities, our exercise physiologists can guide you towards a healthier, fuller life and eliminate your questions like what exercise physiology is. How practical are these exercises etc.?

Book an appointment at Alpha abilities to explore pain management options. Alpha abilities can craft an appropriate exercise plan to improve quality of life while considering the complexities of the disease. Contact us now or find us here. 

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